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Anonymous asked:

Why is personal information, email addresses, etc. not redacted/blacked out on documents?

All documents are open public records in the Massachusetts court. We publish as they appear. Transparency is our goal here.

Check payable to Bill Hue in the amount of his donation to the Paul Kimmage Defense Fund, from Andrea Goldman, counsel for Aaron Brown. The check was sent in an attempt to negate Hue’s right to sue for himself or represent any class in an action against Aaron Brown. The check has been marked as “VOID” by Hue to render it unusable.


Anonymous asked:

The court document states you became aware of the situation with the fund in July 2013, but on the site you say you've been involved since May. Is this a typo or a misunderstanding on my part?

I became aware in a general sense of Fund problems in late May. I thought rational people would figure out how to solve it so I didn’t think to try to do anything about it. Remember, I only contributed $50. I talked to some fellow contributors and none of us could figure out a way to have our voices heard.
By July, it became clear that nothing was being accomplished and that thousands of low dollar contributors were not being heard so I started an email petition trying to prevail upon Aaron’s lawyer to forward the Fund to a neutral. That is when my involvement became active and public.


Anonymous asked:

No question, but merely some observations. It seems that the UCI lawsuit against Paul Kimmage will be terminated or withdrawn soon. If that is the case, then remaining funds should be returned to the donaors at that time. It appears that Aaron Brown has set up a process to effect exactly that. At this time, I see no reason for anyone to intervene unless funds are not returned to donors. Thank you, Anonymous donor

Paul Kimmage has been trying to get information about the Fund account since April. I have been involved since May. I know no more today about where this account is, what distributions have been made from it or what its current balance is than I knew in May.

Paul Kmmage doesn’t know either. The UCI has not dropped the Kimmage lawsuit notwithstanding Aaron’s self serving statements to the contrary. Paul believes it is an active lawsuit as of today.Paul also believes that there are defense expenses that remain unpaid. I choose to believe Paul. Whether you do is up to you.

You have every right to trust Aaron and if you do, that is great. You simply do whatever he asks and he will send you your refund, presumably. I need to Trust but also to Verify. Just as I respect your decision to Trust, I know you will similarly respect mine not to, at this time.

Thanks for your thoughtful observations.


Exhibit B-6, email from Paul Kimmage requesting that Aaron Brown transfer the balance of the Kimmage Fund to a neutral escrow, and reply from Aaron Brown to Paul Kimmage indicating his willingness to transfer the Kimmage Fund to Kimmage’s control once Browns self-claimed “liability” issues were “worked out.”

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